RMW Guided Fly Fishing offers top quality bespoke fishing holidays
in Ireland with a strong emphasis on instruction at every level from beginners to advanced and not only casting but fishing techniques to suit the exact location be it river or lough at every season of the year combined with the very highest level of service and professional guiding for the visiting angler. All types of fishing arranged on the best fisheries throughout Ireland together with wide ranging accommodation to suit your every whim, wish and budget.

Instruction is also available separately in properly structured lessons.

In my considerable experience most of the best opportunities which present themselves to the visiting angler in particular are lost or missed out on because lots of valuable time is simply wasted in trying to find the right place during the conditions which might prevail at any given time throughout the long fishing season. Flexibility is the key and a good professional guide is indispensable in this regard.

There is also the problem of being able to cast and control tackle well enough under the various conditions which are sure to be encountered. Money spent on good instruction is undoubtedly the best investment any angler will ever make! It makes little sense to spend thousands of pounds/euros on top class equipment and yet have little or no idea how to use it properly. I see and meet many examples of this all the time .....everywhere, not just in Ireland!

There is no better or more practical way to learn than being on a river or lough in a real fishing situation.

Your fishing holiday becomes the ultimate learning experience!

Tight Lines & Good Fishing!
Russell Whiteman.
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