This was the type of waves being whipped up on some of our loughs due to the ferocity of the storms we have been experiencing so far. The picture is of Finlough, part of the Delphi fishery in the west of Ireland.


Storm! Storm! Wet! & Wet!!

Heavy rain and severe storms have been the main theme of our weather since the beginning of the new year. The country has been subjected to a continuous battering from gale and storm force winds accompanied for the most part by torrential rain. Rivers are extremely high or flooded all the time with no let up in sight and thus giving the fisherman very little chance to wet a line. It has been the wettest January ever recorded and we have suffered more stormy days than ever before as well! Let's hope it changes sometime soon.
Good Fishing & Tight Lines!
First spring salmon of 2014. About 8 lbs. and perfectly fresh run. It was caught in the river Drowes despite very high water levels.


Huge water for the opening of 2014 salmon season!

The salmon fishing season of 2014 opened on New Years to massively high water conditions. Although temperatures were very mild it was also stormy and conditions for fishing were difficult to say the least! The first spring salmon was caught on the river Drowes, in Co. Donegal, on the afternoon of the 07th January. It weighed 8 lbs. and was perfectly fresh run and covered in long tailed sea lice. Water remains very high but there's no doubt that some early springers will be running.
Good Fishing & Tight Lines for 2014.
A good sized salmon is returned to hopefully continue his journey to the spawning grounds.


Rain arrives last day of the season!

On the last day of the fishing season the rain finally arrived! There were reports of good numbers of salmon moving on the river Blackwater, which fished a trial extension to the season lasting until 12th October. Many were stale river fish which may have been lying back in the estuary awaiting the flood. I know of at least one fish of 20 lbs. landed and released but it was a coloured fish. Fresh autumn salmon seem to be running later each season but it is all very dependant on the weather and water conditions prevailing at the time.
Until next season,
Good Fishing & Tight Lines!
A beautiful July evening on the river but just too hot for a chance of decent fishing. Indicative of summer 2013 in Ireland.


Heatwave arrives in Ireland!

It seems our weather just goes from one extreme to the other! After a very cold spring followed by a fairly normal June we've just had one of the driest and hottest Julys for a very long time. Daytime temperatures seemed to be in the mid twenties on most days of the month and even reaching thirty degrees in some parts of the country. Heavy rainfall is now badly needed not only for the rivers and loughs but also for gardens and farmland as well.
Good Fishing & Tight Lines!
A lovely wild brown trout but this one was caught accidentally whilst fishing for salmon on the river Blackwater, where the brown trout fishing is often overlooked.


One of the coldest springs ever!

Yet again the weather was the talking point as the near record cold temperatures persisted until the last week of May, when it finally began to warm up. The spring salmon liked it and were running in very good numbers but the mayfly hatch was at least three weeks behind schedule! Most unusual.
Good Fishing & Tight Lines!
Here we see the Cong river which had a tremendous run of spring salmon this year with record numbers taken by anglers.


Very Cold April follows a record breaking cold March!

The weather during the month of April could be summed up in a word....COLD! It seems that both March and April have been our winter this year. Spring salmon fishing has been fairly good whereas brown trout fishing has been poor everywhere. We need a bit of heat to bring on the fly hatches. Let's hope we get it in May.
Good Fishing & Tight Lines!
The reward for persistence in the cold easterly winds which prevailed throughout March. A nice fresh run spring salmon on the fly.


Coldest March for at least 50 years!

The weather in March has been in a word COLD! The wind has been blowing from the East off a very cold continent for about six weeks uninterrupted. Temperatures have been well below average although so has rainfall. We really do need some rain and a decent lift in temperatures before it feels like spring. As I write this in early April the weather forecasters are indicating a change to our more usual West and South-West airflow which means better temperatures but also more in the way of rain.
Good Fishing & Tight Lines!
A late February sunrise over lough Corrib where very settled conditions prevailed this year. A nice break after all the wind and rain.


February-a month of two halves.

The weather of February really could be divided exactly into two halves. First half was wet, wet, wet! but then mid month the rain suddenly stopped. It was like somebody turned the tap off! Indeed by the first days of March many of our spring salmon rivers were at very low spring levels and in fact we need some water again to encourage more fresh salmon to run from the sea. This winter has perhaps been a little colder than average overall but there was nothing in the way of extremes except for the heavy rainfall of course. Some rain is again forecast over the next few days and the spring salmon fishing will pick up on the rivers. On the loughs we can expect the first decent hatches of 'duckfly' from about mid month given average weather conditions. That should get the brown trout moving to the fly.
Good Fishing & Tight Lines!
The first two springers of 2013 were caught on the river Drowes in Co. Donegal. Two happy anglers! Unusually, both fish were hooked at the exact same time. Best fish weighed 10lbs.


The 2013 salmon season begins.

Salmon fishing began on a few rivers on New Years Day. The weather has been very mild and open but after all the rainfall water levels were very high. However two spring salmon were landed on the river Drowes in Co. Donegal. Interestingly both fish were hooked at the exact same time but in different parts of the river! What an unusual double. Best fish weighed 10lbs. the second fish was small for an early springer - about 5lbs but very fresh.
A reasonable start to the new season. These early springers are never really plentiful but when we get into March the runs begin to come in earnest.
Good Fishing and Tight Lines for the new season!
A perfect sea liced late summer salmon quite typical of the quality of fish around this year mainly due to the unprecedented high water levels. This one came from the river Nore in Co. Kilkenny.


The Heavy Rain Finally least for a while!

The persistent and heavy rainfall which has been the feature of summer 2012 finally relented for a while at the beginning of September. Indeed September could even be described as normal in terms of weather and water levels. We did have some rain mid month and, with the ground so saturated and the underground aquifers overflowing, the rivers didn't stay low for any length of time. With such a strange weather pattern in place one can only wonder just what the coming winter might have in store?
Good Fishing & Tight Lines!
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