A mighty flood for June but we've had just too much high coloured water. Good for the fish but not yet for the fisherman.


Wettest June Ever!

Well, what a change in weather the month of June has brought. It's been the wettest June for very many years everywhere and broken all records in some locations. After the few nice warm summer like days at the end of May a very unsettled pattern of weather set in and has remained that way ever since! Heavy rainfall has been the main feature with frequent flooding occurring, especially in southern areas. It has also been on the cool side and at times windy with very little in the way of sunshine. As I write this report, in the early days of July, no change is yet indicated and therefore no sign of summer just yet! Let's hope it changes soon.
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Cold and unsettled but at least April brought some much needed rainfall. A good flood on a west of Ireland spate river.


Winter is back! Well almost.

After the very mild winter and exceptionally dry and warm weather of March the month of April has seen quite a turnaround. Quite heavy rain and hailstones at times together with strong and blustery winds, mostly northerly in direction, prevailed throughout the month. Perhaps the most notable feature of this April however has been the consistently low temperatures with many days only reaching single figures and some frost on a few nights. More like what we would normally expect in February or March in fact. So far it is a rather unusual weather pattern and certainly the month of May will be interesting.
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A beautifully calm and warm morning outlook over lough Corrib but hardly normal for Ireland in March!


No wind! No rain! Exceptionally warm!

A very unusual pattern of weather has persisted over Ireland throughout the whole month of March with almost no wind and little in the way of significant rainfall. Temperatures reached almost summer like twenty degrees centigrade plus! In fact very pleasent weather to be out and about but very unusual for March in Ireland! and this following what was an exceptionally mild winter. I just wonder what is coming next. We shall have to wait and see.
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A proud angler. Mr. Ian Martin with the opening day salmon of 2012. It weighed 8 lbs. and was taken on the fly.


Spring Salmon season opens with high water and mild conditions.

The new salmon season has opened in Ireland today. Water levels were high and the weather has been generally on the mild side this winter so far. The first 'springer' of 2012 was landed around midday from the river Drowes in Co. Donegal. The fresh fish weighed a little over 8 lbs. and was caught on the fly - a cone head collie dog. The lucky angler also had the first salmon of the 2011 season also on fly. A second spring salmon of approximately 8lbs. was landed and released on the river Liffey at Island Bridge on New Years morning and so was Ireland's first 'springer' of 2012. Although the river Liffey is closed for conservation reasons a special authorisation is granted for salmon fishing on New Years Day only on a catch & release basis. So overall a reasonably good start to the 2012 season.
A nice fresh run late season grilse from the Dawros river, part of Kylemore Abbey fisheries which fished very well throughout September.


Good Fishing on some rivers.

The scattered grilse run continued but nowhere could it be described as hectic. Fair numbers of decent sized salmon partly made up for the lack of grilse. The western and south western regions fared best as these areas had consistently good water levels which favour the smaller spate rivers in particular. The bigger rivers in the southern part of the country, and these are the rivers we look to for the good autumn runs of bigger salmon, missed most of the rainfall so despite a few small rises in levels they did not fish as well as we would normally expect. Up in the northern region too much water was at times a problem but fishing was quite good when levels allowed. So a mixed bag overall.
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Good water conditions and time to try hard but a shortage of fish always means less chances.


Grilse run very late and poor overall.

The expected if late run of grilse has not really materialised. Some rivers have had a steady trickle depending on prevailing water conditions. Many of the smaller spate rivers in the western and northwestern regions have been reasonably good in terms of numbers but some of the bigger systems struggled for both water and fish. The back end run may well be a good one and will probably contain many larger than average grilse which in turn can provide great sport for the rods.
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A nice fresh grilse but they've been rather scarce on many Irish rivers this season.


Where are the Grilse?

Well, despite a pattern of mostly unsettled weather together with fairly frequent fresh water in at least some of our river systems, a big run of grilse has failed to turn up so far. They really are very late if they come at all but there has been reasonable numbers of late running springers and summer salmon. After last years well timed big run of grilse it now seems the late running trend of recent years has returned. We could well have a heavy run of back end salmon many of which may prove to be rather large grilse.
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A beautiful late run springer typical of June 2011 when we would normally expect to catch grilse.


Grilse runs appear late again.

This seasons run of grilse would appear to be late again. Some spring salmon were still entering our rivers throughout most of June and although small numbers of grilse did arrive there has been no major run despite ideal conditions. Late runs of grilse have been the recent trend although last year(2010) they did arrive on time and in big numbers. It looks like July and even August could see the main runs this year.
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Storm force 10 winds whip up a very big wave on Lough Corrib. You might expect to see this during a winter storm but this was the middle of May2011.


Record Windy and Unsettled May!

Well after one of the warmest driest months of April ever recorded the whole month of May was by contrast cold, wet and windy and very unsettled; the worst May for a long time. Very strong winds persisted almost every day and at one stage we had storm force 10, gusting to violent storm force 11 along parts of the west coast on the 23rd May. This is bound to take a heavy toll on the mayfly, particularly on loughs Sheelin and Arrow as the hatch was in it's peak on these two loughs.
Brown trout fishing has undoubtedly suffered on many of the loughs as a direct result of this unseasonal weather but on the other hand spring salmon has been very good indeed on many of the salmon fisheries both rivers and loughs. June could be an interesting month and surely summer must make an appearance soon!
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A magnificent orange sunset provides a brilliant light for the late evening dry fly specialist.


Warmest and Driest April ever!

After a very wet start April 2011 has become the warmest and driest ever recorded at most locations around the country. As a result some of the traditionally reliable spring salmon rivers are suffering quite badly. The river Blackwater in Co. Cork has been without fresh water since mid March and is running very low. The Foyle system in the north is just as low and therefore very quiet in terms of spring salmon fishing.
However on some of the big loughs there have been good hatches of mayfly in progress by the last week of April. This really is early. Let's hope the weather in May reverts to a more normal pattern.
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