This is a photo of the river Blackwater near Lismore. Unbelievable amount of water. The salmon could run up the fields never mind the rivers at the moment.


Weather Report January 2014.

Yet again the weather is the main topic of conversation. It has been extremely wet everywhere but most especially in the southern and western regions. It seems that it has been the wettest January ever recorded and given that January is normally a wet month that's quite a record. Together with the rain has come some very stormy periods. Winter storms are not so unusual but it has been relentless throughout the whole month of January and February has begun with little change in this very unsettled weather pattern. It must stop raining and blowing some time - but WHEN? is what everybody is asking.
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A nice fresh September Grilse is returned. Some fish were still running despite the often very low water conditions prevailing.


Weather Report September 2013.

The rain we had in August now seems a long time ago. The weather remained very settled and warm throughout the month of September. High pressure dominated with little in the way of wind to liven up the days. Certainly the grain farmers could get their harvest in uninterrupted this year, but our rivers were again very low. As we get towards the end of the month it looks as though a change is on the way. Alas too late for the anglers this season.
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Trying for a salmon on the Ballynahinch Castle fishery which experienced its best salmon fishing for at least twenty five years.


Weather Report August 2013.

At long last a slight change in our weather. The current dry spell came to an end with some very welcome rainfall together with a slight drop in temperatures. This was badly needed throughout the country. However, by the second week of the month the weather began to settle down again with high pressure taking charge. The remainder of the month stayed dry and warm just about everywhere. We definitely have a summer this year!
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A beautiful summer day on Lough Corrib. The summer of 2013 will be remembered for many days like this one.


Weather Report July 2013.

Well we cannot complain about the poor summer this year. After the very prolonged and cold spring and reasonable June, it became very hot and sunny in the month of July. In some areas temperatures reached thirty degrees centigrade or more. With little or no wind it became uncomfortably warm with little respite by night. By the end of the month rivers and loughs were badly in need of fresh water and the farming community were also looking to the weather forecasters for any sign of rain. A change will come but when was the question.
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Mayflies dance in their millions. This was a common sight on many of the limestone loughs during the warm weather of late May and early June this year, lough Sheelin pictured here among them.


Weather Report June 2013.

The month of June began in style with beautiful clear blue skies, wall to wall sunshine, little wind to speak of and temperatures into the mid twenties or higher. It lasted a little over a week after which things returned to a more normal pattern for Ireland with some welcome rainfall, but nothing like last year's deluge. By the end of the month signs were again indicating a return to another warm and settled period of weather.
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Waiting for the rise on a perfect evening. This is Lough Arrow, a lough which fished very well this year, especially for the dry fly angler.


Weather Report May 2013.

The month of May began with some wet and windy weather. There was certainly no sign of summer or even proper spring in terms of temperatures. Cold by day and by night! This pattern remained unchanged until the last week of the month when eventually temperatures began to rise, and by months' end it was warm and settled. Indeed summer like! After what has been one of the coldest spring periods for very many years, if not ever, the warm weather was most welcome! Maybe we will get a decent summer this year after all. Who knows?
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A beautiful late spring evening on the river Slaney but unfortunately our summer became too hot and dry for the good fishing to continue much after late June.


Weather Report April 2013.

April began weatherwise much as March finished, with bitterly cold winds prevailing. Spring seems to be on hold. The growth of trees and plants is three or even four weeks behind and in fact the whole country still has a wintry appearance about it. Night time frosts were frequent. Rainfall was average or slightly above in some areas and there was some sleet and snow especially on high ground in the north and east of the country.
Long range forecasts are suggesting a more normal weather pattern for May with a decent recovery in temperatures. Of course we all know that long range weather forecasting is by no means accurate so let's hope they are right this time.
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Low, cold and clear water. Quite typical of the water conditions which greeted salmon anglers on most of the rivers throughout the country during the whole month of March.


Weather Report March 2013.

Unseasonably cold and dry just about sums up the weather we have experienced this March. With a biting Easterly wind blowing for about six weeks now we really do need a change. The statistics say it has been the coldest March for at least 50 years but in many places it has been the coldest since records began in the 1800's. The low temperatures belie the fact that when you allow for windchill it feels even colder than temperature suggests. The weather forecast finally indicates a welcome change to more spring like conditions with better temperatures and more rainfall. At this stage it is really needed with all the rivers and loughs getting to summer levels. Certainly a strange start to the spring and we can only wonder what the weather might have in store for us next.
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A massive and heavily coloured flood on the river Blackwater. The hope is that all this water will bring a good run of spring salmon into the river and provide good sport for the anglers.


Weather Report February 2013.

Well as we moved into February the seemingly never ending rain continued. Then, in the middle of the month, the rain suddenly stopped. As I write this report at the beginning on March it's still dry! With the dry spell has come a noticeable drop in temperatures, especially at night, but nothing too extreme. The immediate forecast indicates a change to more broken weather with some rain expected which, dare I say it, is now needed again at least to top up the rivers.
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A very wild and windy lough Corrib typical of this January.


Weather Report January 2013.

Mostly wild, wet and windy, in fact very unsettled overall but quite typical of January in Ireland. We did have a cold snap in the middle of the month which brought some snowfall and icy conditions for a time. This didn't last long and the more prevalent gales and rain are the main feature together with fairly mild temperatures. There hasn't been any of the extremely low temperatures we experienced just a couple of winters ago and as February begins the unsettled pattern of weather continues.
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