First ever attempt at fly fishing and success! on the river Moy.
September 2007. River Moy

Dear Russell,
thank you very much for introducing me into the world of fly fishing. I really enjoyed the time here in Ireland. Years ago I`ve been fishing very often on a lake near to the house of my parents but I had to go to Ireland to catch my first salmon here on the river Moy. Thank you also for your patience while giving instructions. All the best for you and I can definitely recommend this sport!

Best Wishes!
Perfect conditions for dry fly. This is Lough Derg at mayfly time.
25/05/2005. Variety and a beginner.

Hi Russell,
many thanks for organizing all the various fishing and I'm really looking forward to returning to fish with you next September. I thoroughly enjoyed trying for a spring salmon on the Shannon at Castleconnell and also the couple of evenings spent in pursuit of Lough Derg's brown trout. Whatever about fish, my casting has certainly improved...Big Time!

Best Wishes,
The anglers reward, a fresh 'sea-liced' summer salmon
August 2004. Hampshire,southern England.

Dear Russell,
thank you for the two days fishing, it was very kind indeed. Fishing on the Bunowen was great fun and what a beautiful river. Everywhere I fished looked as though it might have a fish just waiting to be caught. Charlie enjoyed being taught by you and found it all most helpful. I am sure he will keep up his fishing. The day on Corrib is something I will never forget what with trolling the depths for a giant trout and later on that Pike... Wow what a fight that was. I have never seen a fish jump so much in my life it was like a Sailfish or something. Thanks again for a wonderful time. If you are over this side I can arrange some fishing for you but I have to admit it would be very hard to beat the west of Ireland.

Best Wishes,
Ian R. with his first ever spring salmon from the Shannon at Castleconnell.
Spring time on the Shannon.

London. 28th June 2004.

Dear Russell,
Thank you again for your exceptional tuition on the river Shannon. Mark has reminded me that many people have been fishing for many years before they catch their first salmon, especially on the fly. So whether or not it was only your expert tuition or there was a little bit of luck as well, I was quite delighted with my first spring salmon on the fly and won't forget those exciting moments easily. Thanks again for all your help and for a great holiday.

Ian R.
A beautiful fresh run spring salmon from the Shannon at Castleconnell.
R.Shannon and Blackwater 2003.

May 06th 2003.

Dear Russell,
We arrived home safely and immensely refreshed from our week under your superb guidance in Ireland. It really was a huge success from our point of view and we so enjoyed your company. I am enclosing a few snaps which you might like. Some fond memories. Thank you so much for making our Irish holiday such a success. We'll miss you next time we put up our rods and try to remember all the marvellous instruction you so patiently gave us. We shall try to copy those shrimp flies that you kindly provided which you rightly say will catch salmon anywhere. Anyway with very best wishes from us both,

Yours Sincerely,
A rainbow over Lough Corrib.
Mayfly time Lough Corrib 2000.

18th December 2000.

Dear Russell,
I have just been thinking back to that day you Danny and I had on Corrib last May. It was probably my most enjoyable day in sixty years of fishing. Everything was perfect, a warm day with plenty of wind, a good big wave and a good average size of trout that meant business and of course good company. There is always some magic ingredient in these days that make them stand out and become indelibly etched into ones memory and indeed it may well be a combination of all those things topped off with a four and a half pound trout. I hope the rest of your season went well and despite what the weather is you seem to have an uncanny knack of catching trout, and big ones, when everybody else is struggling. Meanwhile I wish you all the best and I am already looking forward to seeing you next year.

Kind Regards and Tight Lines.
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